piss1 [pıs] v [i]spoken not polite
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: pissier, from Vulgar Latin pissiare]
1.) to ↑urinate
2.) piss in the wind
to waste time or effort trying to do something that is impossible
3.) it is pissing down (with rain)
BrE used to say that it is raining very heavily
4.) piss yourself (laughing)
BrE to laugh a lot, especially when you cannot stop laughing
They were all copying my accent and pissing themselves laughing.
5.) piss all over sb
BrE to thoroughly defeat a person or a team
6.) not have a pot to piss in
to be extremely poor
7.) go piss up a rope!
AmE used to tell someone to go away
piss about/around phr v
1.) to waste time doing stupid things with no purpose or plan
= ↑mess about/around
Stop pissing about and get some work done!
2.) piss sb about/around
to treat someone badly by not doing what you have promised to do, or by not being honest with them
= ↑mess somebody about/around
I wish he'd say yes or no - he's been pissing me around for weeks.
piss away [piss sth<=>away] phr v
to waste something in a very stupid way
I was earning quite a lot but I pissed it all away.
piss off phr v
1.) piss sb<=>off
to annoy someone very much
The way she treats me really pisses me off.
2.) BrE to go away - used especially to tell someone to go away
Now piss off and leave me alone!
He pissed off before we got there.
3.) BrE used to say no or to refuse to do something
piss 2
piss2 n spoken not polite
1.) [singular]
an act of urinating
go for/have/take a piss
I need to have a piss.
2.) [U]urine
3.) take the piss (out of sb/sth)
BrE to annoy someone by laughing at them or making them seem stupid
The kids always take the piss out of some teachers.
4.) be on the piss
BrE to be at a ↑pub or club, drinking a lot of alcohol
'Where's Jo?' 'Out on the piss somewhere.'
5.) be full of piss and vinegar
AmE to be full of energy
be a piece of piss atpiece1 (15)

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